Memory leak issue on an Ipaq HP 6915 in combination with a Audi A4 carkit

I have an issue with my HP Ipaq HW6915 PDA, together with my Audi A4 built in carkit.

After analysing I came to the conclusion that the Ipaq cannot handle the phonebook synchronization towards the carkit.

After connecting the phone to the carkit, it starts to synchronize the contact in your pda with the carkit. Due to what ever reason, the pda starts to consume internal memory, causing the pda to crash after all memory is allocated. This can happen between 5 and 20 minutes…..

The concept however works… because the contacts are available in the carkit.

As far as I can see find on the internet, there are more similar issues with Parrot carkits and Ipaq’s. Some Parrot carkits  have the option to disable the sync of the phonebook. The Audi carkit has not….. 

Does anyone know how to overcome this issue?

Update: I have been in contact with Audi support in Germany. It’s a known isse with HP. The bluetooth driver of the Ipaq has a memory leak.


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