Issue with my HP L1955 LCD Flat Panel Monitor

I had a big issue with my HP L1955 LCD Flat Panel Monitor (TFT)

While using, the screen would fall away all of a sudden.  It seemed that if it was cooled down, it would work again for a few minutes.

Searching the internet brought some answers. It could be the capacitors or even worse.

First I replaced all the 3 Elite 1000uF 25V capacitors on the board. It is a Benq inverter board with version number 48.L1A02.A00 They could be bulged, although they seemed ok from the looks of it.

I also saw that the solder of the 220V external power connector on the board was broken, so I repaired that too by resoldering the pins. With high hopes I put everything together and crossed my fingers. It looked ok, but that was false hope. After 10 minutes the screen went black again 😦

So time for more investigation. After deep investigation with a magnifier I discovered that the solder of the same pin of each of the 4 inverter transformers was broken. Very hard to see, but there was a crack line.

Resoldered them, and guess what 🙂 the monitor works again


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2 Responses to “Issue with my HP L1955 LCD Flat Panel Monitor”

  1. Wesko Says:

    You are right. Old elcos suffer from aging. Replace, re-solder big contacts and contacts of big components.

    Wonder why my 1997 Asus mother board still runs as a server…? They didn’t save money on the elcos!

  2. Páll R Gislason Says:

    I have the same problem with mine monitor, but i can see with my bare eye any cracked line on the transformer, could you tell me what line where cracked on yours?

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