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Bluetooth toggle on an Ipaq HP 6915 with hardware buttons

January 4, 2009


I had the issue with my Ipaq HP 6915 that I sometimes forgot to put on my bluetooth when I’m in the car. For receiving and making calls in the car, I use a jabra bluetooth handfree set.

The real issue occurs when someone calls you and the phone is not yet connected to the bluetooth carkit, due to the fact that the bluetooth on the phone is not turned on. On the Ipaq you are not able to turn on the bluetooth quickly when a call comes in.

I solved this by downloading a small bluetooth toggle application from

Put the downloaded .exe program in \windows\startmenu\applications (via the file explorer)

Via Start, Settings, you are able to connect applications to hardware buttons. I choose to use the button on the left side (that is standard used for starting up the camera).

I’m now able to toggle the bluetooth on and off by pushing that button 🙂